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Client Testimonials

Astrid Lanz, Manager Oracle Team, Credit Suisse

Excellent customer service, there is nothing negative. I especially liked in the beginning, that I was not "threatened" or flooded with phone calls or emails. I like the contact with Martin Chamberlain and feel very well taken care of as a customer.

Sally, IT Contractor

Just to say that I've had a lovely time here - and that I've recommended you to other contractors within the Council. I also really appreciate you paying me in the second week of my contract.

Director of Enterprise Computing

Coba's service was both efficient and highly accurate. It was a refreshing change to work with someone that truly understood my needs.

Server Engineering

After a simple discussion about what I was really in need of Coba provided me with 3 suitable profiles.

Migration Project Manager

When using Consultants from Coba it was a relief to find that they were managed effectively and able to carry out their duties without distraction.

Lead Technical Architect

Coba has assisted us considerably in finding technical resources in [Telecoms client] at short notice. Coba tends to specialize in more experiences, high caliber consultancy area rather than the stack them high and ship them out, backsides on seats approach of [another supplier].

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