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Staff Augmentation

Improving your process

Augment your team with confidence

Identifying the best resources for your team can be a frustrating and tiresome task. Research into the most effective methods of determining how effective a new appointment will be in a role is very hard to predict. Worryingly, research shows that some of the most established selection methods have been proven to be some of the least accurate predictors of effectiveness of new appointments.


When looking for people to help support your internal IT function Coba will take the time to assess the duties and task that the individual will be required to carry out and apply a job analysis to model the ideal personality profile to complete such tasks or duties. Whether the task requires someone who is incredible thorough and detailed or perhaps someone who is more assertive and communicative… Coba will determine the demands of the tasks and assign someone who's personal attributes naturally lend themselves to such a role.

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People learn at different speeds and have different strengths and weaknesses. Some people are natural quick with numbers, others are highly articulate whilst others are really fast to spot differences. Coba runs a selection of assessments to understand peoples’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows to understand someone’s learning agility and learning style. This method has allowed us to ensure that peoples’ strengths match the demands of the work function. It also allows to identify and fast track naturally high performers.


Once we’ve completed the assessment phases of identifying people to help augment your IT function we work with this team to build a training plan which builds their skill set to help them to grow into the job function and build their own skill set. We find that this approach helps to improve both engagement and retention.


On site, off site, near-shore or far-shore, Coba can deliver resource to support you either on your site, housed in one of our offices or on a remote working situation. Many off our customers opt for managed teams based within one of our locations. Typically these locations are UK, Switzerland or Serbia.

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